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How to choose a shampoo and conditioner.

Buy Onion Conditioner For Hair Care

Do you also feel confused about choosing the right shampoos and conditioners every time? Don’t feel unusual, almost every 3 people out of 5 feels the same. Finding the right hair shampoo or products for your hair type can be a tough job to do.
Every hair has a unique character and we need to understand it when comes to choosing a shampoo. However, identifying the hair type and needs can certainly help you to choose the one that makes your hair beautiful, shiny, and healthy.

Why it is important to know your hair type?

So, the question why is it really important? Well, you might be thinking that there are only a few types of hair i.e., Short, long, curly, or straight. But the fact of the matter is, there is so much more than that! Knowing the hair texture, porosity, and curl pattern are the key factors to having healthy hair.
It might be possible that products that may work for a curly hair type, might damage others. Also, knowing the hair type can determine how much one should be using the shampoo and even how heat products need to be incorporated. So, before you buy a shampoo, first know more about your hair type and scalp, so that it will be clear to you which kind of shampoo will suit you the best. You can explore the Treyfa natural Haircare products where products are made with pure and natural ingredients that will give a natural look to your hair.

Role of Hair conditioner
Conditioner is the second step yet a very important step while washing the hair. The shampoo is often made specifically to clean off sweat, dead skin cells. But hair products, like conditioners, are made to make the hair softer and easier to manage. Also, it helps in protecting hair shafts from damages.
Most shampoos are made with chemicals that strike and damage the hair follicles. Conditioners contain fatty alcohols, humectants, and oils that make our hair soft and flexible. In fact, some conditioner also contains protein that temporarily binds the split ends. Also, some even have thickening agents that give a fuller look to our hair.
Dry, damaged hair can be static because it contains a negative charge. But conditioning ingredients contain a positive charge, that clings the hair and makes it less static. So, while selecting the conditioner, it’s is too important to pick the suitable kind for your hair and skin type.

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