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Take care of your Hair the proper Way this Winter

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Winter is often a troublesome period for several people because it zaps the moisture out of the hair and scalp, which results in frizzy hair, dry scalp or just worsening the condition. For those who are already facing hair problems, winter may be a nightmare.
But don’t worry, discussing the proper way for taking care of it can help you to win the hair-care battle very easily. Washing hair properly might not seem as much important, but isn’t it true that almost all people make mistakes while following the process? There are some ways and techniques that may help you to wash your hair in the most effective and right way. And at the same time, it should also promote your hair health amazingly.

In this blog, we’ve discussed some tips which will help ease the method. We’ve also covered some common mistakes which need to be avoided. Haircare is one of the foremost important a part of one’s routine, and the following tips will tell you why:

1. Regular oiling
Massaging your hair and scalp regularly, say, once or twice per week, within these chilly winter months with natural oils can nourish your hair roots and strengthen your hair follicles by moisturizing the scalp and promoting blood supply in the hair roots. Treyfa onion oil with the goodness of onion, almond & vitamin E gives the entire care to your hair. Make sure that oil sinks well and spreads evenly on the scalp.

2. Change the way you wash your hair
There’s a little question within the incontrovertible fact that our hair needs the natural oils secreted by the scalp, even more so, within the dry winter months. Exceeding the use of shampoo can strip our hair off these protective oils yet because of the essential moisture they supply. So, keep the hair washes limited to once or twice every week and uses a gentle shampoo suitable for your hair and scalp type. TREYFA Onion shampoo with Onion, Reetha & Shikakai gives you stronger, smoother, and cleaner hair. The new formula improves deep cleansing action by providing more foam with no sulfates or toxins. Also, don’t forget to condition your hair.

3. Use conditioner for better care
If you’re too busy in your life, then there’s an opportunity that you just simply storm out of the shower after shampooing your hair and miss the important step of applying a conditioner afterward. But, if you are to be compelled to spare 5 more minutes to condition your hair, then it’ll moisturize and protect the outermost layer of your hair, making it smooth and glossy. Trey Onion Hair Conditioner with onion, Natural Ingredients & antioxidants, reduces hair fall & accelerates hair growth. It penetrates deep into the follicles and promotes hair growth & scalp health. Safe for colored & chemically treated hair, this Conditioner is freed from harmful chemicals & toxins like Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, oil & Dyes.”

4. Don’t leave your hair wet
If you allow your hair to wet for long in winters, it’ll result in hair shaft expansion, making it very vulnerable to breakage. If you’ve got colored hair, then not drying your hair can make the color fade faster. Also, rubbing your hair harshly and vigorously with a towel to make it dry, can cause more damage than you can imagine. So, use air/fan to dry your hair before stepping outside during winters.

5. Limit your hair styling
Applying heat to your hair can cause some serious hair damage, split-ends, and breakage. In winters, try and limit the usage of iron rods and hair straighteners to the maximum extent possible, and don’t forget to use a heat-protection serum before doing it.

With this, we conclude have good hair day and remember that winter is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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